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i cut it all off

oh, do you like that?

did you know?

i’m sorry i can’t be there for you right now

what kind of question is that?

can i get three sweet potato rolls

you’re very kind

omg look at chicken

it actually hurt me

i really missed you

they told me i’m a softie

what is wrong is you


kiss me please

under there?

what are you having for dessert tonight

i had an itch to scratch

i’m tired

i guess so

can you pick up some coffee on the way home

00:00 / 00:32

that was actually really fucking painful


ohhhh i see

where are you?

right now i’m really vibing with orange but green is good sometimes too

i can’t believe you!

i just love u so much

i love u too

why would u say that

it’s maybe like a 10 minute walk from here

hmmm i think i’m just gonna have chips for dessert

i just don’t want to be here sometimes



ok slay

do you know where i am?

i’ll go pee one last time and then i’ll be ready to sleep

sesame bagel with hummus cucumber and onion

stop talking to me like that it makes me feel bad about myself

what did you say?

im tired now


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